Thursday, April 24, 2014

Patricia Vincent Nominated By Elite Magazine As One Of the Most Influential Bridal Labels In Austria

I am so grateful that finally, an Austrian media publisher opened the door to a subject that is persisting in my thoughts and line of work since years. To begin with, fashion design is everything I see I am going to do in my professional life, forever. I am not good at many things, but I am good at what I know best: transcending my visions, feelings or stories into designs. Sure, every day I learn new things; that’s one of the beautiful parts. I love to discover and apply what I find interesting or captivating. In the last years I’ve developed a deep sensitivity to nature, objects, arts or anything that I see is special. I do observe more thoughtful and intense than before I was working in this field.

Sometimes it’s so frustrating that some people don’t understand what my real job is ... I am not a tailor, I am not a typical fashion person, I don’t live a stereotypical designer’s life (or what some might think it looks like), I am not rich and neither intend to become, I don’t follow trends. But, that being said, I do see all professions in the field of fashion as connected and therefore wish, that there would be more of a common understanding amongst us, just as I think our customers would profit from understanding the concept of fashion as a more inclusive one.

I often hear: “Oh, have you seen that dress in the magazine? You should do it!” ... “The dress you’ve made is so pretty but I’m not gonna buy it because I have no occasion to wear it!” ... “For long I didn’t have the courage to enter in your atelier because I thought you are too expensive!” ... “I know nothing about fashion, it’s not me!”

It’s almost impossible to educate the masses, to tell them about individuality and the fact we should dress for ourselves, for our self esteem and pleasure not for particular places / occasions / other people. And yes, it’s so beautiful to invest some thoughts to define and explore your personality through little details such as a good perfume, music, a certain type of dressing style or even lifestyle. We are individuals, but many tend to forget this essential quality.

There is so much confusion, ignorance or simply lack of education...

The bright side comes from my customers. They share my beliefs and understand exactly who they are. I love to see well dressed people (man & women), I have a high admiration for those that cherish and respect themselves, most important for those that are happy with their lives. One example is Erika Zahl–Berg, she is such an inspiration!

Having a beautiful appearance and style of living is not about money, race, age or high beauty standards but our desire to pursue it.

Last week I’ve received a nice email from elite magazine, I am one of the fourteen bridal designers nominated as the most regarded in Austria. It came as such a pleasant surprise!

Three years ago, after five years of fashion design, I started to add bridal wear to my portfolio. I knew that there are women out there that don’t want to have a Cinderella, polyester dress. Sure, there are a few great bridal designers in Austria, but I was very much encouraged to do wedding wear by many of my friends, especially by wedding photographer, Claire Morgan and Wedding Affairs organisers, Niely Hoetsch and Michaela Honies. I am insanely in love with doing my style of bridal dresses; it’s so exciting to bring to life some elements from the tradition of Sinziene, the coziness of the Provence or the understatement of the Scandinavian design. Most importantly, by not compromising on dreams, fabrics quality or harmony.

© Elisabeth Feldner 

Today, after eight years of doing fashion design, I see that my efforts are more and more appreciated, my work gets a wider visibility and new horizons open.

Thank you, elite for adding me to your esteemed list!

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