Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Glimpse Inside Susanne Payer’s Garden, Home & Wardrobe

I first met Susanne Payer about one year ago at a dinner party held in our dear friend’s home Erika Zahl-Berg. Susanne was super friendly to me from the first moment she got to know me; she is such a nice person! Over the delicious dinner that Erika prepared for us, I chatted a bit about my profession and importance of finding fitting and creative locations for my photoshoots. Susanne happily offered her home and garden to host my next shoot for the I Am Leonie Lookbook. She lives outside Vienna, has a dream property and invests a lot of time in taking care of it, especially the garden. The photoshoot took place a couple of weeks later, my team and I felt wonderful and to our delight, everything came perfectly together. A few months later I had the pleasure to show a bit of my home country to Erika, Susanne and her husband, Piet. It was one of the most beautiful trips I ever did!

We kept contact ever since, we sometimes meet over lunch or drinks, I love their company and the fact that I am getting out of my daily routine. They are highly educated, honest, sensitive and loving people.

In the following photos I am presenting a part of Susanne’s wardrobe, home and garden. I asked her to pick five favourite outfits and to tell us a bit about them. We photographed one day before Easter, it was such a wonderful day!

Light Lunch

The Basler striped jacket, Susasanne bought at Hämmerle boutique, the Stehmann trousers are from the Parfumerie-Boutique Christine in Wolkersdorf and The Spada shoes from Parndorf Outlet.

Daily, Susanne Takes Good Care of Every Part of Her Garden

This ruffled Dr. Haider Petkov dress was purchased in the designer's boutique from Kohlmarkt, Vienna. The shoes are Escada.

Susanne loves this green dress, it was a smart exchange with a friend, the Escada shoes she found at Parndorf Outlet, the gorgeous necklace was bought from Liska Boutique in Klosterneuburg and the Casadei handbag was purchased in the shoe store Wunderl in Solleau.

Studio Kökin Hat, New York

This custom-made jacket was tailored in Veronika Breit's atelier, the Giorgio Armani necklace was bought in Kohlmarkt, Vienna.

Dress from Hallhuber Evening 
Peeptoe-Pumps from 3Suisses 

The necklace was a beautiful discovery in Prague at the Golden Crown Jewelry.

The Giorgio Armani jacket was bought in Kohlmarkt, Vienna and the Sabra trousers were bought at the Parfumerie-Boutique Christine in Wolkersdorf.

Pura Lopez Shoes
The Valentino Bag was Bought in Italy
I've asked Susanne to tell us in a few words her favourite shopping places, travel destinations and foods she loves.
  • She adores shopping in the First District of Vienna especially from Hämmerle store, Splendid boutique and Giorgio Armani,
  • her favourite perfume houses are Guerlain and Chanel,
  • the dearest travel destinations are New Zeeland and New York City,
  • preferred foods: steamed, freshly harvested vegetables and salads.

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