Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Get Dressed For Europe – Behind The Scene, Catwalk, Party

As promised, below are all the photos and snapshots captured from 9am until almost midnight, it was a long, exciting, beautiful day; I am so happy I was a part of this great project!

For the professional catwalk photos, check my previous post, I love them!

9am - Biber Organised The Transport From My Atelier To The Anker Expedithalle
Backstage - Perfectly Organised
The Catwalk
Stella Models Agency
A Part of My Collection
My Collection
My Dear Friends, Nadia & Thomas
My Girls :) Nadia, Claire & Nicky

 My European design:

On Stage, All 8 European Designs & Biber's Event Organisers
With My Friend, Claudia 
I Always Get Kisses & Warm Support from Beatrice & Odeta :)
A Part Of My Guests :)
With Anna, My Newest Model

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