Sunday, May 4, 2014

Maria’s Trousseau

The Trousseau Package is one on my bridal line’s segments. The custom bridal trousseau with my signature designs includes 7 pieces: 1 Engagement Dress, 1 Silk Wedding Night Sleeping Dress, 1 Négligée, 1 First Day Dress, 2 Honeymoon Dresses and 1 Small Trousseau Pouch.

"Throughout history, single young women all over the world have prepared for their change in marital status by accumulating a trousseau. A traditional trousseau — stored in a hope chest — included bridal accessories, jewellery, lingerie, toiletries and makeup, plus bed linens and bath towels for her new home. From Victorian times till today, the trousseau also has consisted of brand-new outfits to see a woman through her wedding, honeymoon and newlywed days. Oftentimes the garments in a trousseau were hand sewn by a a mother, aunt, grandmother, or the girl herself, if skilled with a needle. Wealthier families procured the skills of a professional seamstress to outfit the bride-to-be."

On demand, depending on the bride’s wishes, I can design fewer or more pieces. I absolutely love working together with my brides on trousseau packages because they represent a creative harmony between my label’s identity and the brides style, personality, favourite colours and the locations of the celebrations.

I am very proud to show you my first signature trousseau package, Maria’s Trousseau.
The storyline follows happy and unique moments: Maria's engagement and wedding days, the wedding night, the first day after the wedding, the first honeymoon day and one of the romantic dinners.

The inspirational photoshoot took place during two days and it was an absolute dream;  despite of all the efforts, lack of sleep and hard work involved, we felt amazing and everything was fully worth it! The location, Schloß Mittersill, is amazing not only because of its beauty and coziness but also because the staff is extremely welcoming and friendly. It was a truly special experience!

There is so much to write, I would need too long to express my appreciation to the team, their work and enthusiasm was fantastic. Thank you my dears!

I will soon publish the making-of-video, it’s absolutely awesome! :)

You can purchase some of my designs here, other products and services can be requested at the listed suppliers below.

Rich Beaded Dress (more info in my store)
Blissful Silk Sleeping Dress & Negligee (more info in my store)
Cashmere Blend Dress - Wilde Nature Pattern (more info in my store)
Boundless Dress (more info in my store)

Trousseau concept & production: Patricia Vincent
Organisation: Lorinda Horner
Photography: Tony Gigov
Filmmaker: Stu Jolley
Bride Model: Iulia Strimbei
Groom Model: Tudor Andrei
Bridal dress: Patricia Vincent
Hair & Make-up: Lisa Buchner
Headpieces: Niely Hoetsch
Jewellery: Juwelier Wempe
Clutches: Patricia Vincent
Perfume & Scented Candle: Tiziana Terenzi
Flowers: Fiona Seidl
Shoes: Mary Ebner
Male Model Outfits: Flossmann
Chocolate: Xocolat
Stationary: Theresa Röder
Location: Schloß Mittersill

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