Friday, July 25, 2014

Discovering Sliema: Chanté

I love to meet creative people, be surrounded by their fascination for any kind of art and their passion to put their ideas, dreams and imagination in practice.
I was never encouraged by my family to develop my imagination and creativity but many other people that felt and thought like me where there, to support me. And my admiration and support goes further to those that I occasionally meet and see that they have a passion for artistry or simply like to follow their dreams.

One of my recent experiences refers to Andra. She was born in Bucharest (same District as I was!) and lives on Malta since seven years. She is super creative, crazy, flamboyant, positive and inventive. Same are her designs; they perfectly reflect her personality. I was introduced to Andra by the owner of Dical House in Sliema (I will soon write about this pretty shop) and I am really happy that I had the chance to meet her.

When Andra got to know me and my design’s concept she happily exclaimed: “Wow, I finally got to know my opposite!”  Despite we have opposite fashion styles, we appreciate what the other does, I fully enjoyed trying two of her designs and Andra will reserve a corner to showcase a few of my designs starting with September.

Andra’s boutique, Chanté, was opened only two weeks ago; the area is very beautiful and centrally located in Sliema (53, Tigne Street, Sliema, Malta).

The day I met Andra, by chance, I had my camera with me, so I can now show you some impressions and dresses designed by her. It was a pleasure to also meet Adelina, she is the boutique's sales assistant.

Andra & Adelina

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