Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Glimpse Inside My Bridal Season

Photo: Claire Morgan

Beginning with this month, I will start presenting you all my custom bridal projects of this season.
I was first contacted by some of this season’s brides last September - October, I began working in
December, and the first Patricia Vincent bridal dress was worn in May; the last bride will marry on October the 4th. So, it was a full year of constant work, sleepless nights, business travels, tears of joy, delight and love.

This season is my fourth professional bridal one and the first since I designed the four collections from the Gentle Fairies & The Golden Flowers line: wedding dresses, formal wedding dresses, bridal jackets and bridal headpieces. 

My ten brides were a dream, I loved working for them and I feel so lucky getting the chance to know these beautiful inside-out women.

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