Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Claudia’s Gentle Fairies & The Golden Flowers Custom Dress – Fittings

Last September I was contacted by an amazingly adorable bride-to-be, Claudia. She wrote me an e-mail filled with details and words of appreciation and expressed the wish to have a closer look at my Draft No. 1 / Collection 1. I always like to receive beautiful and clear inquires, so I was looking forward meeting her!

About five weeks later, she and her family traveled from Stuttgart to see my designs. They brightened up my atelier with their smiles and positive vibes! I was very happy and touched seeing such a beautiful family, an example for many...

They all agreed that Claudia’s first choice, the Draft No. 1 bridal dress, is everyone’s favourite. The prototype looked so perfect on Claudia when she put it on, that I was charmed and impressed to see my vision transformed to reality immediately. Claudia also ordered a same lace jacket and matching accessoires: a custom clutch, lace sash, silk flower heapiece and a veil.

I had an enjoyable working process, we kept a smooth e-mail contact and to my delight, I even traveled to Stuttgart to have the fitting. It was my first trip to this city and I had an amazing time the whole weekend. The train ride didn’t seem very long and from the moment I arrived in
the main station it felt welcomy and homey. Claudia and her beautiful family spoiled me and I somehow felt like I am a part of their family bliss. The cherry from the top was the photoshoot
I organised with Claudia’s sister, Rike. Here, you can see & read more details!

I knew that they will have a beautiful dream wedding and so it was! When I received the photos, I loved to see that they covered every little detail with love and happiness.

In my next post, I will publish the wedding photos, they were taken by a very talented, young photographer, I will disclose her name there!

Below, some captures from our fittings:

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