Sunday, November 16, 2014

Claudia Kusznirczuk: Friend & Passionate Collector of My Designs

I met Claudia in March 2003, our friendship is my longest in Austria and despite we haven’t seen each other for three years (2010-2013) we never lost the bond.

Claudia works since 15 years as a freelance painter; she loves art, colour compositions, artful objects and travels. Before becoming a mother of two adorable girls, she used to travel with her chevalet & tools to Tuscany and the country side of Romania and painted beautiful landscapes. Now, she likes to paint different sceneries as well as lots of abstract visions.

My first atelier, in the 7th District, I shared with Claudia for two years. From the beginning she was a fervent supporter of my work and my passion for design, she was besides me in the best moments but, most important, in the challenging and hard times of my life.
In five years, Claudia purchased from my atelier a mini collection of items, she loves them and what I appreciate greatly, is that she’s cherishing and taking best care of every dress.

I recently had the idea to organise a photoshoot in her atelier together with all the dresses she bought from me. She loved it!
So, on cold, rainy morning, I took my photo camera and went to her address. As soon as I entered in her new atelier I felt surrounded by art and coziness, the smell of fresh paint, the colours, the paintings around, her smiles and joy! Our friend, Adina Alchine joined us to help with the styling and, even though we expected that will be a two hours shoot, it extended to two days, two hours each.

When Claudia uncovered the dresses, she actually uncovered my history! I couldn’t believe my eyes to see that she kept every item she bought with so much love and respect! Every collection I did comes with lots my personal touches, stories and feelings.

Thank you, Claudia!

Top: Unknown, Headpiece & Skirt: Patricia Vincent
Blouse: Blumarine, Shorts: Patricia Vincent

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