Sunday, November 30, 2014

Leonie’s Bridal Gown – The Wedding

In my previous post I wrote about the pleasure and honour of getting to know Leonie. She is an intelligent and fascinating person, full of life and wisdom. I am sure her wedding to Matthäus was the highlight of the year in the region that they've celebrated it! I love church weddings (regardless the religion or confession), they fill my soul and body with the sacred spirit and blessing given at this unique occasion. When I entered the church at Leonie’s wedding, my feet started to tremble. It was highly impressive and emotional.

I deeply thank Leonie for providing me with their full wedding album, over 700 digital photos. It was so difficult to select and re-select... I want to give you a taste of this gorgeous wedding but in the same time to respect the family and guests privacy.

A Big Thank You! again to Leonie & her family for their confidence and choice of having me as the bridal designer!

Below, my selection, © Ludwig Schedl:

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