Friday, January 23, 2015

Luna Photoshoot – Making Of

Designing and producing Luna took me about eight months; it was a creative and fulfilling process but also very challenging, costly and energy consuming. I am very proud with the results, „Luna“ turned out to be exactly what I envisioned, and seeing how all the pieces came perfectly together, it fills my heart with joy!

The photos are the “cherry on top”! I am super happy that Melanie joined the project, Adriana is always excited to work with me and Reihilde actually bought one of my dresses last year and ever since, she likes to pass by my atelier sometimes and check on my work. I noticed that she would perfectly fit the concept and I admit, it was a pleasure to discover how disciplined she works. Izabella’s contemporary jewellery complemented the look in a creative and stunning way! Adina kept me organised during the shoot and provided us with a couple of pairs of gorgeous shoes.

Thank you everyone that took part at this project!

Below, some snapshots from the atelier fitting and photoshoot:

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