Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Portraits In My Atelier By Dina Lee

A couple of months ago, portrait photographer Dina Lee agreed to do a shoot in my atelier, the place where I love to be and feel the most confident. When I felt ready to be photographed, I wrote a message to Dina and set for a date in late January. She was very happy and excited to come to me and despite all the stress I had those days, I started to relax from the moment she arrived! She is a very calm and relaxed person; she spreads light and positive energy. We started three hours late as I had two unexpected meetings in town (Dina arrived to the atelier late afternoon) and the shoot overlapped with a bridal appointment I booked some weeks before. But I guess that’s the charm of my work: trying to blend the creative side with the business opportunities.

Looking at the photos, I confess that these are some of the best portraits I've ever had. I am very happy with myself and the secret is that I go through a time in my life that is the most accomplished: I have the best husband I could ever imagined and prayed for, my family is healthy and happy, my work is appreciated and admired by many and I have a tiny group of friends that is very precious and incredible (supporting, honest and caring).

Dina topped all these fulfilments and here is the result :)

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