Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Atelier – Story & Impressions

My atelier is located in the 19th district of Vienna in an area filled with sun, vineyards, small houses, a farmers market, pretty shops & cafes, relaxed people ... I came here in spring 2010 after working four years in my first atelier located in Spittelberg, the 7th district of Vienna.

Regardless of at which address my atelier is based, I like to create my own universe and make it a place where I love to spend 8-14h/day. A couple of years ago, I built a bright and cozy office corner at my home so, I now spend 20-30 hours/week in my office and about 40h/week in my atelier.

At my atelier I build, cut & sew my designs and receive (potential) customers by appointment. In my office I put together moodboards, concepts & collections and when the time allows, I do bookkeeping & online work (research, write e-mails, blog entries etc.).

When I am not at my working places, I travel to buy fabrics, mostly in & around Vienna and to Germany. The little time left, I invest in my private life (home, friends and holidays) and professional networking.

I am happy that Dina Lee photographed some parts of my atelier, many people tell me that it looks different every time they pass by, I guess because I often do projects that influence the display of my tools, machines, furniture and dresses.

Thank you, Dina, for photographing "my baby"! :)

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