Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Creative Work & Holidays In Switzerland

I've just returned from a one week trip to Switzerland, it was my eighth or ninth journey there and as far as I can recall, this one was the nicest, most inspiring and special. I first started to organize the trip in January when I happily received the positive confirmation of a new project.

Artistic photographer Ludovica Bastianini accepted to cooperate and to organize a photoshoot at Lake Zürich. I love her work, she is very talented and has a rare ability to capture the most beautiful and
special, maybe undiscovered sides of her subjects. I felt so lucky when my sister recommended contacting Fabienne to model for us, it was the best advice! Fabienne is the perfect combination of beauty, freshness, fun, gentleness and friendliness. I wanted a model that can embody „Switzerland“  and she best defines it to me: fine features, light coloured eyes and freckles :)

The photoshoot took place last Friday, before the Catholic Easter and I couldn’t be happier! I am looking forward to share with you our results! Many thanks to Ludovica & Dario, Fabienne, Daniel & Angelo for making my time in Zürich such a wonderful experience!

On Saturday, the next day, I took a train ride to my sister & her family’s house! They live in the Engadin region and the trip uncovers gorgeous, natural sights: idyllic lakes & rivers, high mountains and beautiful forests. After a tasty dinner at home we went to the little church in the village; a very special and humbling experience. On the following days I did the most of my stay, the fresh air, nature and good spirits were permanently surrounding me!

The only little inconvenience was the insane, unjustified prices; from this point of view Switzerland feels like a remote island in the centre of Western Europe. I hope that very soon the politics will change and the people living or travelling there will have less financial pressures. Until then, be prepared and triple your budget if you wish to travel to Switrzerland!


Fabienne Framed By Daniel & Angelo
One Of Our Photoshoot Locations
Ludovica, Assisted By Her Boyfriend Dario
Houses @ Seefeld, Zürich
Tea & Coffee Time @ PurPur
My Cozy Room At The Flag
Train Route To Engadin
Friendly Welcome :)
Samnaun Dorf
Dorfkirche, Samnaun
On The Way To Easter Dinner :) 
On The Way To My Sister's Work
Coffee Time & White Panorama View
My Sis @ Work

My Cool Nephew
Landeck, Austria

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