Friday, July 10, 2015

My Latest Bridal Hair Adornments Collection Featured On Hochzeitsguide

Hochzeitsguide is Austria's most extensive and beautiful online platform specifically dedicated to weddings. It features local and international weddings, inspirations, tips and travel reports. The platform tries to encourage local artists, that have to offer something special, individual and fresh.

I was so proud when a vast selection of photos featuring my latest bridal hair adornments collection was published on Hochzeitsguide and received a positive and cheerful feedback!

Alina Ciuciu, the gifted and lovely photographer behind the lens, organised the whole photoshoot and captured in a distinct way the essence of my headpieces and veils designs: ethereal but at the same time sumptuous.

Our friend, skilful and fun spirited Adriana Holban, chose the matching look for both our beautiful models!

Thank you everyone!

More photos, you can see here.

Photo by Elena Azzalini

Photo by Elena Azzalini

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