Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Valerie’s Wedding Dress

Last week I received a set of Valerie’s wedding photos, I am grateful every time my brides are sending me their wedding photos with a personal note, it’s such a joy to know that they haven’t forgot me! Valerie is such a sweet, sincere and kind person; it was a pleasure working on her bridal dress!

I was recommended to her by one of my June 2014 brides, Aubrey; they are friends and I am happy, when the word gets out and my services are appreciated. Valerie requested a rush order and although I had many running projects, I accepted hers, first, being touched by her name. I have a weakness for the names Valeria and Valentina, my mothers and grand-mothers names ...  if one day I will have a daughter, she will surely wear one of these two names.

The working process was intense but very exact, Valerie chose Chantilly lace for the over-dress and Crêpe de Chine silk for the under-dress. The design has traditional elements implemented in a modern style. She was very committed to our fitting dates and her mother was very supportive and kind, every time we met!

Congratulations and a happy, lasting marriage to Valerie & Markus!

More photos, here.

Photos: Johanna Wohlrab
Decoration: DIY
Location: Schloss Poysbrunn

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