Friday, July 31, 2015

Sînziana's Wedding Dress

I’ve been holding back Sînziana's wedding dress story for months, in order to find the right moment to share it with you ... Her dress was a magical project, I felt so special when I found out, that I will actually create a design for her and for her unborn Angel, Mathilda.

When I first met Sînzianato to talk about her style and taste, her ideas were different to what we, in the end, went for. Because some weeks later, meeting over a cup of tea in town, she confessed, with a big smile, that we will have to start over and think of a completely different bridal outfit: I was actually one of the first people to learn about her pregnancy. I highly appreciate it; as a designer, it’s essential to know such things as early as possible, in order to work accordingly, on all the details!

She went for a light, breezy, soft, minimalist wedding dress. A perfect choice for a hot summer day! I used Crêpe de Chine silk and little French lace details on the shoulders so that everything looks and feels light and dazzling.

In my next post, I will publish some captures from our fittings, Sînziana has such a sparkling personality! And a sense of smart humour that very few have.

Below, a selection Sînziana & Philipp’s wedding day photos, more, you can find here. I am grateful that she sent me their whole digital album of hundreds of photos! It was such a delight to be able to have a good choice. :)

Thank you, Sînziana & Philipp for choosing me to be a little part of your wonderful wedding! And a special Thank You! to our friend, Beatrice!

Photos: derhochzeitsfotograf.pro

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