Friday, December 25, 2015

Blissful Christmas Eve with Leonie

One of my most special collections is "I Am Leonie", designed in 2013. Leonie is the main character featured in the storyline: a fictional jewellery designer that wears my garments. One year later, during Brautsache fair, I was thrilled to meet a real life jewellery designer, named Leonie! She is the epitome of my character: talented, beautiful and naturally sophisticated. I asked her if she would like, one day, to do a photoshoot where we can display our work and simply share our joy that we got to know each other! She was very happy and a while later, we realized our project! I invited a couple of artist friends to join us and everyone loved the idea! We created a beautiful Christmas Eve story, a wonderful day filled with gifts exchange, champagne, cookies and our designs! Delicate photographer Skye Kiss captured lots of details and precious moments, playful interior decorator Mademoiselle Fée took care of the Christmas decorations and awesome Adriana Holban created a beautiful natural make-up for Leonie and me!

We would like to share with you, our delightful Christmas Eve moments!

Photography: Skye Kiss
Dresses: Patricia Vincent
Jewellery: Leonie Galen
Make-up: Adriana Holban
Decoration: Stefanie Rausch / Mademoiselle Fée
Paintings: Claudia Kusznirczuk

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