Sunday, December 27, 2015

La Petite Artisan

Since I know myself I have a great passion for earrings... I love fine but sophisticated ones with a minimalist and special design, most important, gentle with the skin as I developed many allergies over time. As I share the same taste and expectations with some of my friends, customers or colleagues, I took the chance and decided to design a full collection of one of a kind, fine earrings. 

I teamed up with a very talented architect and based on my directions, she did an amazing job by constructing them impeccably! I will soon photograph the whole collection, so you can get a closer look, for the moment, I am very excited to show you a little selection of my “La Petite Artisan” collection!

Here, you can see more photos.

Photography: Se Ve N (Andrei Mezinoi)
Model: Melinda
Hair & Make-up: Adriana Holban / Temptu Austria

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