Sunday, May 15, 2016

My New Bridal Showroom

This autumn I will celebrate 10 years since I opened my fashion design atelier; I can’t believe how time was flying but it also feels like “forever”. It’s impossible to imagine my life without my profession, as it absolutely truly defines me.

After I won Austria’s Best Bridal Designer Award on the 28th of January, I decided to take a daring step and rent a beautiful space dedicated entirely to my bridal work. A place located in the city center, where I can meet the brides-to-be for talks and fittings. The process of finding this jewel apartment was very short and filled with luck and joy! Despite its condition, the financial and time strain to renovate it, I could see the utmost potential: a gorgeous Gründerzeit building located in one of the best Viennese areas.

In the moment I started to renovate, restore and repair the space, together with a little group of friends, I knew that I will also need someone skilled to guide me with care and artistry. Italian interior architect Valentina Burigo is a person that I admire since I met her, a couple of years ago. She has an incredible taste and ability to understand, implement and obtain a result that reflects her customer’s taste in a true and harmonious way. She was besides me from the first moment, and even now, after almost three months, she still gives me advises and tips. We will put together a separate article about our working process from the start to the first results.

I am so proud and happy that my angelic colleague, fine art photographer Elisabeth Feldner, offered to photograph my showroom! Since we got to know each other, about three years ago, she is one of my most outstanding supporters and kind colleagues. I feel blessed!

My showroom is almost ready and brings me an immense pleasure and pure bliss! I already received lots of visits from my friends, customers, colleagues, neighbors, and business partners; everyone felt charmed and delighted! Being able to take beautiful photos using natural light is one of the qualities that this space has; I already had the chance to host four photo-shoots.

The other two rooms are available to rent, I look forward finding complementing business partners (beauty / design / art fields). Anyone interested, feel free to contact me! Here you can see the rooms.


Patricia Vincent Bridal Showroom: Fuchsthallergasse 3/6, 1090 Vienna (by appointment)
Photos: Die Elfe Photography
Interior Design: Valentina Burigo
In-house model: Ines Marie

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