Monday, April 24, 2017

“Rosie” – Collection Photoshoot / Behind The Scenes

I started designing Rosie last summer, and although I was overloaded with different projects and work trips, I kept my focus and invested as much love and resources as possible to obtain the result that I am proud of today. When I met my muse & model Kirsten she was the right person at the right time and without her support and amazing attitude, this project would have been accomplished years later but not now.

I look forward sharing the results with you and I hope you will like it almost as much as I do, I am actually in love with it! Above the aesthetics, I love to be able to make a statement through my work: no matter what others say, never let yourself down! Take good care of your soul, your mind, your skin, your curves, your hair, your heart, your health... embrace yourself as a precious gift!

Here are some snap shots from our collection shoot that took place yesterday in our co-working space:

Lots of thanks & compliments to Marie Bleyer, Carina Bauer-Unzeitig, Kirsten Mackay, Dave & Patrick. 

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