Friday, May 5, 2017


I studied and practice my profession within the borders of the European standard sizes 36, 38, 40. As I only do “one of a kind” pieces, I go with an instant feeling that decides which size the new garment will have. I like to create in-between sizes and in few occasions I go outside my limits and design a size 34 or 42. I am a keen and analytical learner, I take my time to learn, to improve and to develop my working skills and in the past 12 years I constantly focused on this process. Creating standard sizes that are not in my usual range (such as baby, curvy, petite or pregnancy) requires new abilities and investments. When I met my model Kirsten Mackay, I knew that it was about time to try to develop a new range of designs dedicated to women with curves. She is so beautiful, inspiring and natural! To my astonishment, I found out that she has it very difficult to find feminine, stylish and body caressing dresses and I then realized that we (dressmakers and fashion designers) learn at school on relatively small sizes, mostly EU 36 and 38. And, unfortunately, the mass media, advertising agencies, department stores etc. promote these “basic” looks.

Retro size” is Kirsten’s notion to my new range, a definition that symbolizes femininity, glamour and understated vanity.

Rosie is my first collection from the "retro size" line and I feel that the result gives me the confidence to continue to create for ladies that love their curves and every millimeter of their physical and spiritual body.

I am in love with the collection photos taken by Marie Bleyer, they have so much flair and elegance! Beauty expert, Carina Bauer Unzeitig, created the look that perfectly embodied my vision of the English Rose.

Thank you ladies, having you in this project was a real inspiration and pure joy!

More photos, on my website.