Sunday, October 23, 2011


Fröhlich, A/W 2011
Fröhlich, A/W 2011

I first got to know Gabriele Rigby, the designer/behind the fashion label Fröhlich, this October as I/was selling a sewing machine and she was the first one answering my ad.
We used to sell our collections in the same designers store in Vienna (Designer Werkstatt) but I never had the occasion to meet her. When she came to pick up the sewing machine she took the chance to see my atelier and work, we talked a bit about our professions and spontaneously asked me to sew her a custom brown wristlet as she loves this color and leather, in general.

I was really happy to make the wristlet clutch and when I delivered it to her store I took with me some bags in case she would like to sell them besides her clothing collection.

Gabi was very pleased with her new bag

I didn’t know how her store looked like and as soon as I saw it I found it very charming! Bright, cozy, refreshing, creative. My clutches got a beautiful place in the window and they looked like they very much belong there, blending with Gabi’s design and place. If you wish to visit her store, it is open every Friday from 2-6.30 pm, every Saturday of the month from 11 am-3 pm or by appointment.

More on: www.froehlichewelt.at

First 2 photos: Ursula Schmitz

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