Sunday, February 19, 2012

Claire Morgan’s Wedding Gown, Part II

When we arrived at the wedding location, the union ceremony was over but my sad feeling was almost instantly replaced by a flood of smiles and compliments coming from the guest ladies. They all loved Claire’s gown and I knew that their sincere admiration was high because they didn’t know me at all but felt free to come and speak to me. Nadia Danecek is one of them, after we talked we remained in contact and will collaborate in a couple of projects. Everyone was so warm and friendly; despite I’ve met few of Claire’s friends before I didn’t know the majority and my husband only Claire and Pawel… we felt welcomed, cozy, happy and relaxed.

After the ceremony, the guests were celebrating with a glass of champagne in the Atrium salon then the reception took place in the Spectacula dining hall. Everything looked like a true dream; the love for details was impressive! She is such a creative, talented person, a true inspiration for many!

Pawel held the first toast of the evening and in his speech I was beautifully mentioned and thanked. That brought me some tears… He thanked as well their friends, family and team that gave their love and support to make everything possible. So nice!

The next morning, I woke up with a big smile on my face! I was so happy, pleased as well relieved…
Claire is one of the best wedding photographers based in Austria and after seeing so many weddings she knew that she wanted the best for her own. I was delighted to know that I stood by her standards.

She offered me a wonderful present and wrote me a very touching thank you card. I was very impressed...

Thank you Claire and Pawel!

Photographers & Copyright: Bartosz Jastal, Tomasz Knapik and Claire Morgan
Locations: 25 Hours Hotel, Colosseum XXI (Atrium & Spectacula)
Wedding gown, clutch, head flower: Patricia Vincent
Shoes: Cate Gray
Hair & make-up: Andrea Martinu
Wedding decorations: Claire Morgan and her mother (some items bought via Etsy)
Wedding Stationary: Tanja Putz
Wedding cake: Anika Post from Demel

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