Sunday, February 12, 2012

Riding Horses

I love all animals (with few exceptions: snakes and crustaceans which also include spiders) and I am a big fan of horses. When I first got to know Monica Duben Pribitzer I was happy to find out that she owns one. I’m looking forward getting to know it in the spring time when the weather will be kinder and the mud in the stable less.
A couple of weeks ago, Monika brought me a bag made out of a fabric with a horses and harness symbols pattern. As the bag was very simple and small she wanted it more spacious with a clean, classic line.
She had it opened at home and I used the fabric’s piece as a front part of a bigger bag. For the back side we’ve chosen a leather colour that nicely matches with the fabric’s pattern.

The initial piece of fabric
I've obtained a more square shape to fit the design of the bag
Preparring the bottom
The inside pocket
The leather side

Monika works in the same building where I have my atelier and as soon as the bag was ready I went over to her cosmetic clinic and happily witnessed her reaction of joy and pleasure when she first saw it.

Horse photos: roxethquarterhorses.co.uk

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