Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two Custom Dresses for Nadia

I first met Nadia at Claire’s wedding on January the 14th and back then she approached me and asked me if I make custom dresses. I answered that I don’t usually work custom, especially not in the timeframe when I’m loaded of work on doing my own collections or projects. But when she said that she has two fabrics that have a high sentimental value, I felt honored and charmed. The fabrics are from Yemen and were offered to her by her grandfather.
End of February, Nadia brought me the fabrics, explained me what she would love to have and gave me plenty of time to finish the dresses.
Shortly before my fashion show on the 28th of March, I invited Nadia in the atelier to see the results! She instantly liked them and I was very happy that I could meet her expectations. One of the dresses, Nadia wore at my fashion show and the second one she’ll wear at another special occasion.

The dress fitted perfectly, the only modification was to cut away a bit of the trail

The second dress:

As in that day I was hanging and preparing my outfits for my fashion show, she noticed the new pieces made after our photo shoot and loved to try them on. It was sooo much fun, I took some snap shots and I’ll show them to you in my next post!

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