Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Custom Design for Corporations - Maritime Style Shoot

Corporate represents the newest branch of my label: I offer custom fashion design services and solutions for freelancers or companies for creative projects.

This summer brought me a very interesting assignment: to create two dresses and hair accessories based on the photographic concept and setting design of wedding photographer Pia Clodi and event planner Viktoria Antal. They put together the details of an inspirational photo shoot that aimed to recreate a posh but relaxed maritime wedding. I loved the idea; the other team members were fantastic too and the location simply perfect.

Soon after Pia and Viktoria met me in the atelier to talk about the project I began drawing different sketches, so that they can choose what they like. After their final decision I went to buy the fabrics (silk, natural viscose, satin rope), then I started to work them.

Here are some impressions from the fitting, beautiful Nadia helped me:

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