Monday, July 8, 2013

Portraits by Tony Gigov

During the last inspirational photo shoot project, I was taken by full surprise by my team colleague, professional photographer Tony Gigov, when he offered to photograph me. I am very camera shy, I wasn’t prepared at all, I didn’t drink any water or eat by that time (2pm) and slept very little as it was important to have the bridal dress ready on time.

In the previous occasions when I had to do professional photos for different documents, or life events, I never felt comfortable. Each time when the photographer approached my face, it felt the same like when a doctor is approaching with a syringe.

Sure, there are few exceptions when I feel ok with people photographing me such as my husband and my friends Destiny, Claire Morgan or Pia Clodi. But I usually feel irritated and uncomfortable.

Surprisingly, when Tony photographed me, it felt natural and discreet, I liked the fact that he didn’t use a flash and he was not intruding. Plus the general mood from the shoot was marvellous :)

Thank you Tony!

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