Saturday, December 21, 2013

Three Lovely Saturdays before Christmas

The few friends that I have are the best someone could find. It’s always a pleasure and joy to meet them; I actually dedicate them most of my free time, of course, after my husband.
As my free time is minimal, I can meet my friends only once every month or two, but the time in between is not a factor that affects our friendship.
I don’t have a family in Austria and I always looked for souls and hearts to fill this gap and now, after eleven years living here, I am totally happy with my “little family”.

This year I was invited by some of them to spend pre-Christmas get-togethers at their homes, each of the last three Saturdays was amazingly cozy, joyful and charming. Despite me being physically exhausted from the day of work, I could fully enjoy every minute:

30.11 @ Nadia & Thomas:

07.12 @ Beatrice & Michael:

14.12 @ Claire & Pawel (special host, Andrew):

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