Sunday, February 9, 2014

Corporate: Vena - Lutka Clip

What I love about each of my Corporate projects is, that every single one is very individual and involves many creative minds.  I play a small part in these projects, the result is a sum of all contributors and it’s a great feeling to see that I can work so smoothly together with other people. I usually like to work in solitude, but sometimes it's a positive challenge to share and receive creative energies.

I first met Vena about 18 months ago at the garden birthday party of our sweet friend, Destiny. She then told me about her singing career and I was always very keen to hear her singing. Her voice is so beautiful and melodic, even when she talks... About a month ago, Vena contacted me and asked, if I would like to sew two dresses for her first videoclip. It was in very short notice, I only had ten days to prepare but I accepted and managed to sew one dress for her and one for her real life and video’s character friend.

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