Thursday, March 13, 2014

GF & GF Lookbook Photo Shoot – "Making Of"s

Yesterday I was delighted to work again with Elisabeth Feldner, Adriana Holban and Stefanie Rausch, they are so professional, fresh and easy to work with, it’s pure pleasure! I am very lucky in this regard; I always have the chance to cooperate with talented, intelligent and easy going people, it’s like we find each other!

The photo shoot features all of the available Gentle Fairies & The Golden Flowers dresses; Caecilia, my South Tyrolean model, perfectly fitted the concept! She loved every detail and worked with maximum enthusiasm.

I wish to give a special Thank You! to Irmi Kraupp, event manager at Spittelau10, for allowing us to use this cool location.

I Am So Happy That I Discovered Caecilia!
Elisabeth Is Always Fully Focused During The Shoot

My Homemade Cookies :)
Adriana Is One Of The Best Make-up Artists That I Know
Lovely Irmi Kraupp
I Adore Stefanie, She Is Amazing!

Photography: Elisabeth Feldner  – dieelfe.com
Location: Spittelau10
Setting Decoration: Stefanie Rausch - Mademoiselle Fée
Hair & Make-up: Adriana Holban – adrianah.com
Model: ‎Caecilia Lahner

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