Sunday, August 3, 2014

Discovering Sliema: The Soap Café

A week before my trip to Malta, I did a short research online, hoping to find a shop/venue that sells organic cosmetic products. To my delight, I quickly discovered the Soap Cafe, which was exactly what I wanted to find in Malta. They locally produce handmade body care products that are free from mineral oils, parabens, SLS and animal fat; nothing is tested on animals.

On the day that we arrived on the beautiful island, I planned to visit the shop. I was so happy to see on the map, that it was conveniently located, only a few minutes walk from my accommodation. So, after checking in the apartment, I rushed to the store. It was 4pm, I didn’t realise that, like many Maltese shops, they are closed around midday, until 4:30pm; but luckily, the shop’s owner, Charlene, saw us at the door and gladly opened the shop and gave us a tour around. She explained us their cool concept (new for Malta) and that they started five years ago, being today happy that their mission is gaining more and more hearts.

I loved their soaps, lotions, oils and every little product they sell, I bought some to use during my holiday and I was very happy with my choice :)

Below, you can see some impressions that I've collected, more information you can find on their website, maybe one day you will visit the shop!

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