Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sights From The Old Armenian District, Bucharest

This month, I had the pleasure to stay for a full week in one of the nicest studio apartments I ever booked on airbnb. I found it on the accommodation platform by pure chance and I felt very happy and positively impressed from the moment I stepped in. I then discovered little details that completed my joy: very quiet, clean, beautifully decorated and cozy! The location, opposite the Armenian church, opened my interest to discover more about the area, of course, I knew it pretty well, as my school was not far from it, but I learned and saw more than before, a world and culture that the Romanians, in general, know little about. 

During my stay, I had the chance to visit the Armenian Street Festival, a great opportunity to see the beautiful Armenian church, taste traditional recipes and learn more about their spirit and fascinating world!

For almost a day, I strolled the streets surrounding the studio apartment and got to see old beautiful houses and villas, some in a terrible state (taken abusively by illegal tenants) and others, renovated or restored. I also found out, that the Armenian district is in the vicinity of the Jewish and Greek old districts! Very similar, sadly, lots of gorgeous old houses in an extremely poor state. Most of them were stolen from the owners during the communist regime and today, they are in a very uncertain ownership (legal) situation.

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