Monday, October 12, 2015

Bodysuits At Għajn Tuffieħa Bay, Malta

This year I started to design body suits, they are a passion of mine since a long time. It takes good skills, specific fabrics and sewing tools to manufacture this type of garment, very similar to lingerie. The whole process kept me away from trying but after finding some beautiful fabrics, I asked my pattern maker to construct some classic patterns. I loved the result and I already made 10 pieces from different fabrics or fabric combinations!

I am always happy and excited to work with delightful Brazilian photographer, Danielle Cassar, she lives and works on Malta, a country, with many picturesque settings! So, this summer I’ve came up with a photoshoot concept featuring a selection of my bodysuits & jewellery from Izabella Petrut and during my holidays in late September, we pursued our project! I got to know our model, Lilyana only a couple of days before the shoot, it was by pure chance in a shop she manages, and asked her if she would like to pose. My former models were not in the country at that time and another option was a bit inconvenient so, Lilyana was the perfect choice! She jumped of joy and agreed to cooperate! Our make-up artist, Mapi, is a friend of Lilyana, so everything went very smooth and cheerful.

The weather was fantastic, the mood on the beach blissful, so we couldn’t have been happier!

Here are the results:

More photos, you can see here.

Photography: Danielle Cassar
Jewelry: Izabella Petrut and Patricia Vincent
Model: Lilyana Ilieva
Hair & Make-up: Mapi Macia
Location: Malta

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