Saturday, January 30, 2016

Winning the Austrian Wedding Award in the Category "Best Designer": an Emotional Moment

A great "Thank You!" to the organizers and the Jury from Austrian Wedding Award for the appreciation and honour that I've received on Thursday night! Their initiative and dedication are certainly deeply appreciated by hundreds from the wedding business and beyond.

A kind "Thank you!" also to those that always believed in me and took my dreams, love and passion seriously! A special "Thank You!" to my mother and husband, they were my first mentors and continue to be my comfort and compass. I am grateful to all my friends, customers, colleagues and everyone positive around me for being an inspiration and a delight to me!

Without God, my profession, and all of you, my life would have had no meaningful spirit. Since I opened my atelier, 10 years ago, I daily continue to dream, conceive and create; I daily get inspired and informed about good design, art and beauty in all forms. "It's a Wonderful Life!"


Together with my husband & my delicious friends, Beatrice & Michael
With talented, warm hearted and ambitiuos Raphaela Ramler 
Elisabeth Feldner & Claudia Fromaschitz are a dream to work with! 
With Claudia Schladitz, the creative lady behind Edelcorner
With Florence Stoiber and Lucas Dirnbacher an amazingly talented and great spirited couple

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