Monday, February 1, 2016

My Precious Birthday Gift

I was born on December 2nd; I love December for its spark, energy, good spirits, holidays and of course, Christmas with all its traditions. I feel blessed and loved by God and despite I was due to be born in January, He chose for me and my twin sister, December.

For my birthday, last December, I planned to organize a nice and big event, to mark all the years when I didn’t celebrate and to spend some unforgettable hours besides my dear ones, especially those that I see so seldom. Instead, in the last weeks before my birthday, I decided differently. As 2015 has been a year filled with sad moments for me and some of the people around me, I decided to offer myself a precious gift. A special treat for my heart: someone’s joy! I simply wanted to make someone happy, at least for a day. To bring smiles, confidence and pleasure!

And the person that needed the most was Christiane, my friend of 11 years, my talented hairdresser and the girl that I respect and admire so much!

When I last visited her, she was in a very sensitive situation, I felt helpless and weak. Instead of enjoying her pregnancy, she was crying for days and weeks ... I couldn’t believe what this girl was going through; after a difficult decade, she was now supposed to be happy and enjoy life!

I was so delighted to see that the right people accepted to make my birthday as special as possible. Lovely and serene photographer Dina Lee, excellent make-up artist, Adriana Holban and a few little Angels participated with gifts (Anamaria Grosu, Sinziana Perez-Matauschek, Adina Alchine and Jasmin Köse). I chose a nice viscose jersey fabric and made a dress especially for Christiane to wear on this occasion.

Together with my friends, we offered Christiane a precious gift: a portrait photoshoot and baby shower for Noëllia (she arrived shortly after two weeks). Being a single mother of four and after a successful battle with breast cancer, this girl is an example of inner strength and grace!

Bless you!

Photography: Dina Lee
Delicious cake: Cornelius Konditorei

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