Monday, June 6, 2016

Weekend in Innsbruck

I returned last night from a delightful working weekend trip to Innsbruck; I love this city and I always look for one reason or more, to travel there!

The main reason now was the warm hearted invitation I received two months ago from the lovely organizers of KLEIDOSKOP - fine stitches designer market (my dear friend and colleague Johanna Larcher & fashion designer Amina Daschil); I felt thrilled and ready for a little challenge: to create a capsule collection that reflects the spirit of the region. The market was a success and I am looking forward to joining it again!

Another happy reason was the photoshoot production that features my new bridal hair adornments collection; I am so proud and honoured that I had the chance to work with an amazing team! I will get back soon with further details and of course, our result!

Last but not least, I was absolutely delighted to meet Andrea Fichtel, the photographer and organizer of an upcoming style shoot, in Innsbruck! Together with our bridal model, Lea, we spent an hour in my beautiful room at Schwarzer Adler Hotel and it felt we know each other since years!

A special Thank You to Johanna, she made my trip possible! :)

For 1 station only...
Die Bäckerei
A charming visit from Gracia 
With Johanna & Amina
It's a wrap! :) From left to right: Simon, Kathleen, Juliana & Lisa Marie

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