Friday, July 1, 2016

Moonlight Mist – My New Couture Headpieces Collection

I usually need 12 – 15 months to work and finish a couture headpieces & hair adornments collection. I started to design Moonlight Mist last summer, it is my third collection and it sums up to 11 pieces.

Every headpiece is conceived by me and crafted together with my master teacher (she consults and directs me since five years), I feel so fortunate and grateful that I can learn and explore such a beautiful, creative and skillful profession! Couture millinery and silk flowers crafting professions are dying out as less and less of us truly have the passion, time and dedication to construct from 0 an accessory that is valued and purchased by only a few (mostly arts & crafts lovers). We hand cut, form, dye, every petal, leave, stamina that create a silk or lace flower; we construct every branch and feather; we hand sew every stone, pearl and crystal...

About a month ago, I organized in Innsbruck a photo-shoot that features my full collection; the team was absolutely awesome and even though it was our first project together, we worked absolutely professionally, smoothly and with a lot of joy! A great Thank you! to the cool team (see their names below the photos) and to my friend Johanna (www.peesan.com), Kate (www.weddingbox.at) and to Andreas (www.sp-models.com/models) that made it possible to bring us together!

And... we were featured today in the Bavarian & Austrian online wedding magazine HochzeitsgezwitscherHere, you can read the article.

More close-up photos, on my website, here.

For inquiries or custom orders, don’t hesitate to contact me at office@patriciavincent.com, prices start at EUR 120,-

Photography: Kathleen John
Headpieces & Earrings: Patricia Vincent
Model: Lisa-Marie, SP Models
Hair & Make-up: Juliana Kiss
Plants installation: Mooslinge
Location: Stöckl, Innsbruck

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